Edition 5/2012

New facade cladding products at Europe's largest architecture and building exhibition


Alcoa Architectural products will be presenting its latest product development for the first time at the BAU 2013: the first painted facade of aluminium that cleans not only itself but also the surrounding air. 1,000 m2 of this titanium dioxide-coated aluminium facade destroys as much smog as about 80 trees. And it does it extremely cost-effectively.

About this and other topics we will tell you at BAU:

Creative environmental protection: Reynobond® and Reynolux® are perfect for the environmentally friendly renovation of existing buildings, contributing to reductions in both energy costs and CO2 emissions. As ventilated facades, Reynobond® and Reynolux® ensure a pleasant room climate and good thermal insulation. Reynolux® is suitable for buildings with A2 fire protection classification according to DIN 4102. Here, too, it is notable for its flexible application options. It can be flexibly bent and shaped – even permitting 3D elements. And Reynolux® is optionally available with a coating in powder-look, with an environmentally friendly paint, or in a slightly structured or matte (3%) version.

Natural aesthetics: Our new metal surfaces Inox and BRUSHED aluminium combine the beauty of stainless steel and brushed aluminium with the processing advantages of a Reynobond® composite panel. Also new is the Reynobond® Mirror – an aluminium composite plate for both interior and exterior applications. It reflects as well as a true mirror, but it's lighter, less fragile, and not as sensitive as glass or acrylic.

Discover at our website dedicated to the BAU exhibition, how our products can let you make your creative plans a reality! Or visit us directly at BAU. You can find us in hall B1, booth 330.