Edition 2/2012

  • ColorLab app
  • Certification
  • Poleczki Business Park

Façade configurator now also available for iPhone and iPad

After the online version of the configurator, there is now also a free Reynobond® ColorLab app in the iTunes Store. Your advantage: You have 80 aluminium surfaces available to you – mobile and offline. You can see them either in large format or on one of three 3-D buildings. The special feature: The buildings can be turned through 360°.

“For us it is not just important to develop the surfaces in the widest variety of versions, but also to let our clients experience and use them – preferably in any place and at any time“, is how Guy Scheidecker, Marketing and Distribution Manager of Alcoa Architectural Products, justifies the adaptation of ColorLab for mobile media.

With the ColorLab app, Reynobond® Architecture offers planners, architects, builders and fabricators a free and practical tool for the first phase of planning and presenting a building. In this way, modern and creative façade solutions using aluminium composite panels can be simulated in a realistic way. In the next step it should also be possible to access product information and references in the app.

The online version of ColorLab on www.excellence-in-innovation.eu already offers this service. It is also possible to download free of charge any surface as an image file or plug-in for CAD programs ArchiCAD, Allplan and AutoCAD.

Click here to install the ColorLab app

Health and safety for personnel

Occupational health and safety and health care for the personnel of Alcoa Architectural Products have now received an official stamp of approval. In February 2012 our Merxheim site obtained certification for the newly established occupational health and safety management in accordance with OHSAS 18001. This complements the existing management systems to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 and creates the necessary conditions for reducing the risk of workplace accidents.

By meeting all statutory requirements governing occupational health and safety, Alcoa Architectural Products is able to increase the safety awareness and motivation of its personnel. The purpose of the management system is to identify and assess accident risks and define, implement and evaluate the measures taken to prevent accidents occurring.

This has an impact on other areas. Accidents are prevented, production outages or interruptions become fewer, and cooperation with customers, suppliers and authorities is rendered even more professional. “At Alcoa Architectural Products we bear a great responsibility for the health of our personnel. The OHSAS 18001 certification shows that we do full justice to this task”, explains Guy Scheidecker, Marketing and Distribution Manager of Alcoa Architectural Products.

Workplaces with style – in Poland’s largest business park

It is set to be the largest and most modern business complex in Poland. The Poleczki Business Park in Warsaw is like a little town, combining a total of 15 buildings, replete with office, shopping, exhibition and warehousing areas, on an area of land measuring 14 hectares. This work environment will be supplemented by a variety of service facilities, including a hotel, conference centre, apartments, small retail outlets and service providers, as well as a car park with around 3,400 parking spaces.

The project is being completed in six stages. The first phase lasted until 2010 and included the construction of the two largest buildings, A1 and A2. These mainly accommodate office areas, but also have warehousing and service provision, as well as places to eat. The unique thing about them is that the area given over to offices on just one floor runs to a massive 5,250 m2 to 6,000 m2. The flexible interior architecture allows variable office functions to meet differing uses and requirements – ranging from an office, archive or studio to a workshop.

To ensure the end result has a uniform appearance in spite of the different types of buildings, particular attention has been paid to the façades. These have a calming influence on the architecture, as well as adding texture. Buildings A1 and A2 are fitted out with rear-ventilated cladding, consisting of Reynobond® aluminium composite panels. The paint finish of the panels was applied by the manufacturer to the architects’ specifications. Thanks to the glistening green façade, the buildings blend in superbly with their surroundings. This gives them more than a touch of quality, without, however, any hint of excessive luxury.

The horizontal line of the cladding panels is continued in the windows and their sun protection elements. The building appears lower and the overall impression is more harmonious as a result. The green of the façades is reflected in the surrounding parkland grounds and the inner courtyards of the business park. Here employees can relax and recharge their batteries after work and in their breaks.

The multifunctional project does however have one more decisive advantage. The parkland area is situated next to the most important feeder roads connecting directly with Warsaw International Airport. This location allows easy access to all districts and strategic points within the capital, whether by public or private transport.

Project: Poleczki Business Park
Address: ul. Poleczki 35, 02-822 Warsaw
Land area: 140,000 m2
Façade: ca. 12,000 m2
Product: Reynobond®, cassette panel system, customized colour Chameleon green-grey
Owner: UBM Realitätenentwicklung AG, CA Immo International
Architects: Rhode, Kellermann and Wawrowsky