Edition 4/2011

  • BATIMAT 2011
  • EcoClean™ project
  • “Le Forum” theatre

New façade cladding products at France’s largest building exhibition

At France’s largest building exhibition, devoted to sustainable building construction and renovation, more than 2,000 companies will be presenting products and processes which will have a decisive influence on the development of the construction, trades and industry sector in the near future. At its stand (E58 in Hall 3), Alcoa Architectural Products is in fact presenting a number of current products – and top of the list is its latest development, Reynobond®|Reynolux® with EcoClean™. This cladding panel is changing the face of modern façade design, because it does not just clean itself, but the surrounding air as well. As a result, it is both economic and environmentally friendly. “We are glad to be able to present existing and potential customers with forward-looking products which will give them a definite edge over the rest of the market,” says Guy Scheidecker, Marketing and Sales Manager for Alcoa Architectural Products in Merxheim.

The cladding panel that can destroy smog is the focal point of Alcoa’s presence at this year’s exhibition. Another main theme is the new METALS collection. This makes use of real metals such as zinc, stainless steel, copper or aluminium. As a composite panel with a fire-resistant (FR) core, the new product line means that attractive and natural metals can be used in a way that is both convenient and versatile.

Another item on show is the ColorLab façade configurator. First introduced to the public at the Bau 2011 exhibition in Munich, ColorLab has since been significantly extended. A total of 80 surfaces are now available to view on one of three 3D building models or as a download for your own CAD software. As from December, ColorLab will also be available as an App for iPhone or iPad. This will mean that architects, façade constructors and designers can access ColorLab’s versatile functions and information from a mobile application without Internet connection.

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Germany premiere for EcoClean™ façade cladding

In the tranquil town of Bühl on the banks of the Rhine, past and present unite in perfect harmony. So, for instance, in the immediate vicinity of a castle with protected monument status, a detached house is currently under construction whose clear and fastidious façade is being lined with the innovative Reynobond® with EcoClean™ façade cladding panel.

The product was chosen for a number of reasons. The house is cuboid in shape with extremely clean lines, and as a result Reynobond® aluminium composite panels were a definite option. They allow the construction of clean flat surfaces without any undulations or sharp chamfer edges.

In addition to this, the EcoClean™ coating means the cladding remains clean and free from streaking due to its ability to clean itself. On a brilliant white surface this is an absolute must. Another advantage is that the panels do not require costly and time-consuming cleaning or indeed repainting. Rinsing down with clean water and a mild detergent is enough. On top of that, both people and the environment stand to benefit: the EcoClean™ coating ensures the harmful smog molecules in the surrounding air are broken down into harmless components.

The idea of using Reynobond® with EcoClean™ for the first time came from the façade work contractor firm of Wittenauer GmbH. The firm has been working successfully with Alcoa Architectural Products for a long time now. The new cladding panel arrived on the market at just the right moment. Instead of the render façade originally planned, Wittenauer GmbH proposed using the self-cleaning composite panels. As a result, what started out as a modern house will definitely be a house for the future.

Theatre architecture as the image of a city

With its name and ellipsoid design, “Le Forum”, the new Fréjus theatre, reflects the Roman heritage of the French city. The architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte has used the brise-soleil suspended in front of the glass façade to visually enhance this effect. This structure is made from steel, based on 150 cells in all. It is suspended from the roof beams at 58 anchor points.

The anchor points themselves are not visible from the outside, as they are concealed by Reynobond® aluminium composite panels tailor-made specifically for this purpose. The combination of large-format glass surfaces and the steel structure suspended in front of them means that the day and evening light are filtered through, creating a unique atmosphere inside the building.

At a length of 70 metres, width of 50 metres and height of ten metres, the modern theatre building is a very impressive sight. The building has four storeys running around the big auditorium, which contains a stage measuring 16 x 16 metres and provides room for 850 visitors. The repertoire of events ranges from theatre and ballet to variety performances and readings. But exhibitions are also held within the theatre’s generous confines. So the theatre truly lives up to its name: “Le Forum” is a meeting point which brings young and old together to experience culture in many different forms.