Edition 3/2012

  • Ananti Club Seoul
  • 3d visualisation

Recreation underground

Over 90 percent of the Ananti Club in the South Korean city of Seoul is below ground. Not because the building has to be hidden, either. Just the opposite. Ken Sungjin Min of SKM Architects simply wanted to avoid the damage caused to the view of the unique surrounding wooded landscape by a 8,200 m2 building complex.

Except for the entrance hall and a panoramic tower, therefore, most of the facilities (restaurant, locker rooms, sauna, etc) are arranged on two underground levels. Everything visible from the facility matches the natural geographic formations of the vicinity, such as ponds, valleys, plains and cliffs.

The materials were selected appropriately to the characteristics and functions of the individual building components. The use of visible concrete permitted the formation of elegant curves that vanish into the ground with the building. The roof of the main entry has a titanium-zinc panel facade that highlights the modern high-tech ambiance of the facility. 

The panoramic tower reigns over everything and is visible from every point on the club’s grounds and the neighbouring 27-hole golf course. The building, with its futuristic shape and facade, has generous windows for views into the distance over the virgin pine forest to the mountains visible in the distance.

The geometric building is clad with Reynobond® aluminium composite panels. The coating, with its Chameleon Autumn Wind colour, has a specific effect: The facade appears with different colour nuances depending on the angle of the light. This gives it a natural, living appearance, making the building a part of its environment.

The stylish rooms are split over three floors, providing a framework for different occasions – from stylish banquets to cocktail receptions in the lounge area, to a pleasant sit-in at the fireplace. 

The clubhouse also highlights the view of the landscape and is a place to relax. In addition to the golfing opportunities, visitors can take part in a variety of sports and leisure activities, whether sauna, tennis, swimming, ice skating, hiking or cross-country skiing. 

The combination of sports, relaxation and nature makes it easy to relax. Especially the architecture of the club facility makes any stay a special memory.

Architectural lighting

Nature shows off many variations of scintillating colours that change depending on the angle from which they are viewed. This effect arises with the light refracts differently through the different surface layers. Alcoa Architectural Products transfers the interplay of light, reflection, material and absorption onto its facade panels.

The fascinating effects make any building fit into its environment – for example the panoramic tower of the Ananti sports and recreation complex in the South Korean city of Seoul. The facade, with its Chameleon Autumn Wind colour, puts on a fantastic show at different times of day and in different weather: Depending on the angle of the light, the Reynobond aluminium composite panels shimmer in different autumn colour nuances, from orange to rust red to reddish brown.

Reynobond® Chameleon Colours are available in a total of nine standard colours. Depending on where a person is standing, the effects of the colours change, producing a variety of colorations and shades with iridescent effects. The effect pigments vary in their gloss, effects and colour depth.

In addition to the Chameleon colours, the Reynobond® EFFECTS palette has twelve other colours. The colour chart of Reynobond® EFFECTS, with all the colours and additional information about coating systems and protective paints, can be requested here.

Inspiration for facades with effects

Do you also find it fascinating how the facade of the Ananti sports and recreation complex varies its colour tone in different lighting? The effect facades of Reynobond® are equipped with special pigments that simulate differently structured surface layers. Depending on where the viewer is standing, a wide variety of colour nuances with iridescent effects are produced. But how can these colour effects be planned and integrated into a draft?

The Reynobond® ColorLab from Alcoa Architectural Products provides the user with a realistic impression of a variety of modern facade solutions that can be implemented with Reynobond® aluminium composite panels – including their lighting effects.

The effect, for example of surfaces from the EFFECTS design line, can be viewed in the free app for iPhone and iPad – either in a moving 3D model of a building, or in a large format.

Architects and builders can also integrate the surfaces directly into their planning, and download them free of charge as image files or as a plug-in for the CAD programs ArchiCAD, Allplan or AutoCAD.